The Ariake Sea, which boasts the greatest difference in water level between high and low tide in Japan, is a treasure chest of highly-nutritious seafood.
In Tara, where our hotel is located, you can find Takesaki-Kani, Takesaki-Kaki, laver as well as other types of seafood that are only available here.
We offer banquet style cuisine in which you can enjoy ample amounts of freshly-landed seafood.

We will line your table one after the other with dishes made using seasonal ingredients, including seasonal sashimi, hand-made appetizers, and the main course, our specialty “Takesaki-Kani,” as well as grilled dishes, steamed dishes, bowl dishes and soups that are unique to Japanese cuisine. And to finish, you can enjoy crab rice-porridge packed full of crab essence. This dining course is sure to fill you up.

Boiled crab is our standard item, but the size and number differ based on the rank of the cuisine. We also offer plans in which you can enjoy grilled crab, crab sashimi, and more. Between September and October, you can also enjoy shell-less crab, a rare treat. And in the winter, you can enjoy oysters.

Special Takesaki Crab Cuisine provides seasonal deliciousness all year round

Takesaki-Kani is a type of swimming crab that lives in the Ariake Sea. It is most in-season from summer to autumn.
You can enjoy the deliciousness of crab all year round, but in the winter, you can also enjoy delicious female crabs packed full of roe.
Sizes vary by season, so courses sometime feature one large crab and sometimes two crabs.

We offer dining courses with ample amounts of crab, including boiled crab, grilled crab, tempura, rice porridge and more.
In addition, between September and October, you can also enjoy shell-less crab, a rare treat.

Deep fried Takesaki-Kani

Boiled crab

Deep fried Shell-less carb(September to October only)

Recommended Cuisine

Packed with deliciousness!
Marbled “Saga Beef”
This popular dish features a lavish Saga Beef steak made from carefully-selected parts. Please be sure to try it.


Our breakfasts are handmade and full of love. Breakfast features a line of dishes that are all handmade by our head chef and that will energize your day.
Please take your time and enjoy a breakfast filled with the flavors of Tara.
After your meal, you can enjoy a coffee in our lounge with a view of the sea.

Meal Times and Locations

Meal Times

Breakfast: 8:00~9:00
Dinner: 17:00~21:00 (Last order at 19:00)

Dining Locations

As a general rule, dinner is served in your private room (Japanese-style rooms). Guests who have come as a group may eat in the great hall.
Breakfast is provided in the first floor lounge or in the dining hall.