Our guest rooms, Japanese style rooms and Japanese-Western style rooms of differing sizes, are located on the second and third floors. Our standard room type is a Japanese style room with a view of the sea.
In addition to our Japanese style rooms, we also have Westerns style rooms with a twin-size bed as well as large rooms that are spacious enough for groups of five or more guests.
As a rule, all lodging rooms are equipped with a toilet with a cleaning function and a bath.
Please take your time and relax in this calm, Japanese-style atmosphere.

Standard Rooms

Japanese-style RoomsThis is our standard room type.
These rooms are located on the second and third floors.

Japanese-Western Style RoomsThese Japanese-style rooms are 10-jo (approx. 18m2) in size and are equipped with a twin-size bed. These rooms are popular with groups and families.
We recommend these rooms for guests who wish to sleep on a bed.

Western-style RoomsThese Western-style rooms include a twin-sized bed.
These rooms do not face the sea, but they are hotel-style, relaxing rooms.

Deluxe suitesThese Japanese-style rooms are 16-jo (approx. 29m2) in size and include a tea room.
These rooms are actually used to perform tea ceremonies.
Once you pass through the special entrance, you will find a spacious room overflowing with Japanese charm.

Room Facilities and Amenities

Room Facilities

Rooms for lodging are equipped with toilets and baths. Nearly all rooms face the sea.
Meals are provided in a separate venue. Depending on the day, breakfast is either prepared in the banquet hall or in the lounge.

Television, refrigerator, safe, toilet with cleaning function, wash basin, hot water pot


Yukata, tooth brushing sets, razors, towels, bath towels, slippers, tea sets