Facility Information

The first floor contains the front desk, a coffee lounge that is also where breakfast is served, a small kids’ space where children can play, a playroom with comic books and small game devices, a banquet hall as well as gender-specific baths.
The second and third floors mainly contain guest rooms.

LOUNGEYou can enjoy coffee while leisurely gazing at the sea.

Kids’ SpaceSmall children are able to play here.
Please straighten the area up after use.

Reading Space / Game AreaComic books and game devices are located here. You can read the books at your leisure in your room.

Souvenir and Gift ShopWe offer souvenirs and gifts from the Saga-Tara area. There are also some local specialties from the Tara area available at the front desk.

How to Enjoy the Tara Kanko Hotel

16:00~   Check-in. A relaxing tea time in your room with a view of the sea.

17:00~   Hot spring time. Relax in an outdoor bath in the glow of the evening sun.

18:00~    Dinner in your room. A dinner with ample amounts of seafood from the Ariake Sea and Takesaki-Kani as the main course.
Please enjoy beer and local sake with your meal.

20:00~    Bath time while basking in the night wind.

-The next morning-

6:30~    A refreshing morning hot spring bath.

8:00~    Relax and enjoy a Japanese breakfast.

Free coffee is available after breakfast.